Donate to help us help others

Step #1

Take immediate steps to salvage your photos as best you can.

Step #2

Contact a drop-off location to deliver your photos.

Step #3

Receive your original photos and digitally restored versions. Optionally, order archival quality replacement prints.

About us

We launched this initiative after living through the chaos and destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Watching our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and strangers all come together after Harvey's heavy rains and rising flood waters, we knew we needed to do something to help. As photographers and native Houstonians, we wanted to use our skills to help our city heal. If we can help even one family hold on to a special family photo, especially after their home has been lost to flooding, we can help them hold on to hope. Unfortunately, we will not be able to salvage every photo. However, we vow to try our best and hope to bring some worthy Houston families some hope and happiness as best we can.


To restore damaged photos and provide personalized care that helps families hold on to memories and find hope in rebuilding.