Capturing precious moments and preserving cherished family memories is why we take photos and showcase them in frames and chronicle them in photo albums. Seeing the snapshots of our lives and the lives of those we love helps us stay connected and immortalizes all that we hold dear. After a devastating storm or catastrophic event where homes and personal possessions are damaged, our cherished memories are often the most vulnerable. Photo restoration services gives a second life for photos damaged in floods or other disasters. Before tossing out your albums and family photos, it's worth finding out if your memories can be salvaged.

First we need you to follow steps to stabilize the photographs, below we have some videos and links to help you with this:


If you have photos you would like restored, here are the important details:

• Limit of 10 photos per family for right now, so we can get through them in a relatively timely manner.

• Digitally restored images will be provided free of charge, along with the return of your original photographs

• High quality archival quality prints can be ordered at cost

If you've already prepared your photos and you are ready to arrange to have your photos collected, please send an email to the photo drop-off location nearest to you with the email subject line containing "Harvey photos drop-off" and someone will respond to schedule a time and location to meet with you to collect your photos.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you.

Here are our current points of contact, more will be added as volunteers come forward:

League City/Galveston County:
Photography by Levi Rosen

Baytown and surrounding areas:
Diana Donath

Pearland and surrounding areas:
Art Giraldo

Houston/Harris County:

More counties to come as we get more volunteers. We will accept photos from all areas affected by the recent hurricanes.

If you are a photo retoucher/restorer and would like to volunteer to help please contact us and we'll get you hooked up.

And thank you!